On January 7, 2023, at 01:07 Istanbul time, a full moon occurs in Cancer. Libra is rising in the moment’s chart. The fact that Venus is in Aquarius speaks to our desire for freedom in relationships and our friendly attitudes, while Venus in the fourth house shows that we want to beautify our environment and home. The positive aspect of Venus with Mars helps us with money and relationships, while Mars in Gemini and its ruler Mercury in retrograde may cause some problems in communication. Our former partners and friends may want to contact us during this period, or we may want to talk to them. There may be a period when we experience a conflict of mind and emotion. Chiron is at the apex of the Full Moon. We become as strong as we can heal ourselves through our sufferings in life, and we become healers as we heal others. We must not forget that the greatest freedom is to direct our own will and life. I wish you a full moon worthy of our souls.

Aries: Jupiter is in your house, and you can start many things. You can be in a lucky period. You may be experiencing difficulties with moving, buying or selling a home, renovating your home, or caring for elderly family members. In this Full Moon, you should pay attention to your communication on career matters, and you may be open to arguments with your boss and colleagues. Pay attention to contracts, especially on business and career issues, and be careful with signatures. During this period, you may want to join groups and socialize, and you may make new friends. It can be a good time to realize your dreams and bring your future plans to life.

Taurus: Jupiter is in your 12th house, and this is a good time to seek divine assistance and focus on spiritual matters. You can travel or start a new education, and it can be a period when your communication traffic with your close circle is intense. Especially on this Full Moon, you may experience awareness about your siblings, cousins, or close relatives. They may come to the fore if you have social media, commerce, or car buying and selling issues. You should pay attention to the signatures on subjects such as higher education and abroad. You can achieve success in your business by using your social skills. Beautifying your career may be a process where you want to be in harmony and use diplomacy in your business.

Gemini: Jupiter is in your 11th house, and it can be a good period when your social circle will increase and you will have good opportunities to pursue your dreams. Your financial matters may be on the agenda during this Full moon. You could see an increase in your earnings or earn more money from other sources. It may be a process where your spiritual values will increase and you will discover your talents. You can review your spending. There may be a period when you want to travel far, get new training, or make friendships or relationships with people from different countries. Open your eyes to new possibilities. 

Cancer: The Full moon is in your sign! You can make important decisions about your life. You may want to change your appearance or style. You can experience important awareness about your life in business, career, love, and many other areas. Your subconscious may be intense during this period; you should avoid suppressing your emotions and keep calm. You may experience some difficulties in business and career issues, and you may want to change your current career and make a fresh start in another job.

Leo: Jupiter is in your 9th house and may give you the opportunity to travel abroad, begin new educations, or add a new perspective to your life. You can learn about some hidden issues and face your hidden enemies during this Full Moon. Getting rid of negative energies such as fear and anxiety can help you become spiritually strong. You can turn to spiritual topics such as prayer, meditation, or yoga and heal yourself in these areas. During this period, you can get support from partnerships or your partners and be a more effective mediator.

Virgo: With Jupiter in your 8th house, you can earn income from common sources such as inheritance, loans, and alimony. You may experience some fulfillment or awareness of your social circle during this Full moon. You should pay attention to communication problems in your relationship with your friends, or there may be some disagreements. You can review your dreams and future plans. There may be a period in your business life when you are a mediator and you want to improve your work. If you are looking for a job, you may also have the opportunity to get one during this period.

Libra: You may experience completions or endings in business or career matters during this Full Moon. Your work may be visible in public. There may be a status change in your life. During this time, you should concentrate on healing and healing your past wounds in marriage and partnership issues. A new relationship or partnership may also be on your agenda. Jupiter gives you luck in this regard. During this period, you can deal with artistic subjects, take up a new hobby, and flirt.

Scorpio: Your Jupiter can give you luck in business, study, and service matters. If you are looking for a job, you can make good use of this process. With this Full moon, you can travel abroad, start an education, or your issues related to foreigners may come up. You may experience fulfillment with these. You can have your health checks done. You may want to beautify your home and have a good time with your family.

Sagittarius: With Jupiter’s travel in your 5th house, you can start new hobbies, get active in your love life, and use your creativity. With this Full Moon, your spouse’s or partner’s earnings, inheritance, credit, and debt issues may come up on your agenda. You can calculate income and expenses. You should avoid unnecessary expenses. Going on a trip, getting a new education, and communicating with your close circle can be good processes.

Capricorn: With Jupiter’s travel in your 4th house, you may have a situation such as buying a new house, moving, or renovating the house. You can evaluate your marriage and partnership during this Full Moon. Some may receive news of marriage, while others may be divorced. In this process, you can earn money from artistic subjects or spend your expenses there. There may be a time when you improve your spiritual value.

Aquarius: With Jupiter’s travel in your third house, you can get a new education, go on short trips, and enter a more intense communication mode with your close environment. You may have your health checked during this Full Moon and experience some completions or awareness in your professional life. It could be a job or a job change. If you have pets, you can take care of them. You can improve your appearance or style and make a good start on many issues. I wish your soul would be enlightened by the light of the full moon.

Pisces: With Jupiter’s travel in your second house, your earnings may increase, and you may find new income doors. Your expenses may also increase. In the full moon, your creativity may increase, and it may be a time when you turn to hobbies and entertainment. Some may have children. You may experience fulfillment or awareness in your relationship with your partner. Spiritual issues can be addressed through methods such as meditation, yoga, and prayer, and your inner world can be healed. I wish your soul would be enlightened by the light of the full moon.


By Eylulastro

Astrologer. ⭐ Birth chart✨ instagram:Septemberastro Eylulastro@gmail.com

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