Education in a layman definition; it means the act of impacting, and instilling discipline, knowledge, values, morals, and skills in order to achieve a desirable possible outcome. Without education, the whole world would be in a state of disorderliness, chaos, and severe misfortune. According to Nelson Mandela (The 1st Black South African President); he said “ Education is the major weapon to change the world “. Education enables us to have much ideas about the world geographical location, world dynamics and many more, of beneficial to the whole mankind. Life can’t be easy, if people or persons, aren’t learning, either formal classroom teaching and learning, Seminars and Campaigns Teaching, Workshop Teaching, and many more ways of which we acquired learning.

Education have started for a long period of ages in Africa, before the inception of the Portuguese, French and the British Colonial Masters. Then our primitive fathers were fond of passing information in oral gesture language.for example, In Yorùbá South Western Part of Nigeria “Fables fictitious stories like folklore, legend and myth stories were being discussed at night after their daily routine“ , Without Educators, Education is like a wagging dog having no legs, and bones.

Who are the Educators ?

Educators are those distinguished, well informed and oriented personnel who instill and teaches in broad language(s). Without them, Education is toothless. Student’s can’t be assess, or evaluate, they’re the bricks and blocks of the society; A society having lesser Educators, there will be increase in Crimes rate, Fall in standard of Living, Incurable diseases, High rate of unresolved Poverty ratio. Educators are those pioneers, they cite relevant examples, witty statement in bringing out possible from impossibility.

A Big Congratulatory messages to all my Teachers

St. Timothy Model Academy

Royal Comprehensive High School & Uni

AbdulAhmeed Adesigbin


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