for a moment I watched you
standing firm, bold!
on the mountain top…
feeling safe in the arms
of anxiety, yet staggering.

I have seen how strong
you are in fear,
yet you yawn out laughter
and giggles…
in the face of the world.

day after day, time never
spared you a moment of joy.
you are sad, in pain, a melody
your soul would never dance to.

you ask yourself, “from whence
do I attain fake perfections?”
as thy innocence wanders
alone in a land of hungry wolves,
“perhaps perfection persist not”

you conclude in your heart, even so
still seeking a response.
I do wonder at times how you withstand
the waves, lonely as you are, unprotected.

I have seen you drown severally.
you didn’t learn how to swim_
so you never tried a ‘self rescue’
operation; even when there was a hand
stretched out to you, you trusted
fear more.

yes I know you_
even in your anonymity.
I know your plight more clearly
than I ever cared to glance
at your looks.

as I have noticed, you are lost in fear.
scared to walk out of this anxiety_
that have always been your companion.
If willing, take my hand and blindly
emancipate yourself from fear.

In present life and death…
would I be a ‘guardian of the
galaxy’ of beauty and talents
buried in you, I promise to be

a mirror that would reflect
your strength to the world.
you claim to be lost, withal,
I vow to find you if you
are willing to neglect fear

and hold my hand.
I would love to know you more…
as you look yonder to the
rainbow after the downpour
of your predicament.



By 1a - Künye Haber

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