My life is like a dump site,
Nothing about my life is pleasing,
I’m always sad,
Not even a single moment past without a long face,
No one stands up for me,
I always kick alone,

Some wish me all bad, even to suffer to great extends, some they even deny my existence,
Sometimes I wish I could sway myself to this living earth,
Cause that’s is the left option I’m always left with,
But when l look back where I come from and where I’m heading, l will always tell myself not to give up,

But, to look around, its all me ,
I have no friend not even a family, I have nothing, all l can afford is to shed tears cause nothing about me is tangible,
All friends are fake even I try to mingle I will end up tearing,
Not to mention about insults, embarrassments, being humiliated that’s too much,

All promises made, they all vanished in vain, the reasons for my break through supposed to be the reasons of my happiness ,but now the reason of my happiness became the reason of my breakdown,

As for the family, it seems as if ,I’m abandoned,
Not even one of them want to hear my whereabouts💔,
Each and every time I try to reach to them ,I meet strange words ,and there looks explain, “you are unwanted”🥹

Shedding tears that’s the life I know,
I only smile when I think of one man, that man is my creater,

He is the only reason why I’m still walking on the surface. End

Note that ,this poem has nothing to do with the writer phases.
I will appreciate your comments and likes.

Written by C.M


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