A little seed planted on rich earth , she was.
Like a budding rose , her petals full of dew .
Soft lullabies and gentle caresses encircled her as a mother’s touch expresses.
In her innocent mind , the world stood peaceful and serene.

In her remembrance , the cold wind blew on that unfortunate day , chilling her to the bone.
As she was taken away from home ,leaving her mother’s embrace.
Tears flowing down her cheeks , her dreams were forever changed.
From there on , nothing was ever the same.

Every step away felt like a step towards a horrific life.
Her mother’s love , they snatched.
A bare life of deprivation , she led.
A life without love , a heart full of dread .
Weeping ,her night steak ,
As she dreamed of a time ,when her mother’s smile would follow.

With fear of water in her genes ,
They forced her to swim in deep seas.
The scars on her heart ran as deep as the oceans ,
As abuse and heartbreak tore her apart.
She dreamed of flying away , to a place of eternal freedom.

Her growth was full of sweat and tears,
Her fragile heart full of fears .
But she forged ahead with all her might, pushing past obstacles.
Through storms ,she sailed on.
The path travelled was not smooth or fine,
Sharp stones and thorns ,she left behind.

In her soul , there was no more room for tears and fear ,
As the battle was hers to win.
Boldness and determination , she wore with pride ,
Facing everyday as it comes.
Growing up ,never an easy tale to tell.
But , she learned to weather the storms and triumph over them.

  • Captain🩶 –

By 1a - Künye Haber

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