He arrived  when all was wrong
And changed all our wrongs,
He came with the truth of humanity,
And scattered all vanity,
He came with redemption,
And redeemed the lost souls,

He changes everything with the, Five of five,
If only they knew him, they would have listened
If only they knew him, they would have loved most the worth of love,

The reason we were all created,
He then cooked and served us new,
The greatest of all times,

We run a lifetime panting along,
With violence, we walked  toward our beloved wealth,
Not knowing whatever wealth we have would not make us last a lifetime,
Then he came with the pure scripture of clear evidence and purified the evil and saved us from the clasps of hell fire,

He came with a clear decree,
To call all to the belief of the one and only true God,
His people were the first to disbelief,
They called him names, unnatural, and blasphemous after they all witness his goodness,
To be a guide to those who believe and follow his teachings,
He wages against his people to save them,
As we live in hardships with faith that there would come relief in the end,

He found the poor and made them rich with self-sufficient self-contentment,
He found the rich and made them richer if they give out what is to from their wealth to the needy,
He found the orphan and gave them refuge,
He found the disbelievers, for them to believe and be forgiven all their sins,
As he came to save the entire humanity,

He is the one that will always live as long as the earth lives,


By 1a - Künye Haber

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