Our wedding ring
is a pure refined gold.
Our wedding ring
is too sparkly to behold.

Our love is an acre of treasures.
our hearts as stainless as diamond.
No wound is found within us.
No man can loosen our crystal bond.

White outward and white in heart,
True, chaste, as says thy veil,
No fiction into thy natural art,
Nor a dye unto thy hair or nail’.

Though a reflection of dust and clay,
The stars yet knew you are beautiful.
Not even the sun can burn it away,
or redden your eyes, now white as wool.

I fix my soul into thy bones,
let it swim in thy virgin blood.
Crown my heart on your highest thrones
and sink me in your affection’s flood.

It is great to be humble,
what sanity is in filthy pride?
A proud man is just a fool:
I won’t be shy to kneel before my bride.

Your cake is sweet, arise my love.
Let us whisper our sacred toasts,
pour out wine. We won’t sip enough,
until the jars be naked before the hosts.

Take my love, take this ring.
Make it thine, hold it to your abreast.
You are a bird, make it thy wing,
leading you into my scented nest.

You are a queen from creation,
worthy of love’s wrestling and war.
A pure craft – charming admiration,
your skin is silver, your smile is ore.

Your breasts are growing into my eyes,
their ripeness is casting a spell,
ringing a bell for me to rise,
and glue thee unto where I dwell.

As the moon speeds, year on year,
so does nature boost thy gentle frame,
that womanhood may deeply appear,
and unleash thee, a gracious dame.

Hold my hands, love, let us dance,
the drums are freezing into the night.
this fading songs calls for our romance,
the dusk has blinded every light.

Our wedding ring
is pure refined gold.
Our wedding ring
is too sparkly to behold.


By 1a - Künye Haber

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