The wind will have its way today.

I hope we don’t get blown away!

A steady gale is what’s predicted.

The higher gusts can do what’s wicked!

The higher winds whip through our land.

Sometimes they make it hard to stand!

We have to lean into its course

Tie things down or yield to force!

A wind of change is in the air.

The weather’s something we all share!

Half the world is facing winter.

The other half will go through summer!

The weather we cannot control.

We do attempt to play a role

By changing how we live on earth.

We do attempt to stop its worst!

Constant change is what we face.

“Knee-jerk” response will just not make

Much difference to our ways on earth.

As we change we’ll likely curse!

But cursing as we change, of course

Only means there’s no recourse.

But to yield to what our brains

Have discovered. We must change!

Thank You Father for Your light.

You always lead to what is right!

Many sojourns on our path.

Growing up is our main task!

©Paul Anderson


By poetry

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