How I cry and weep.
In my sorrow I rest
On my pain I sit.
In my anguish I find refuge.
As I cling to the old love.

So silent is the night.
I hear sweet voices,
Of comfort and consolation.
Not a fallen angel or righteous angel.
But from a dead man I once loved.

My tears drop in the water
And their existence therefore gone.
I feel your warm hands around me.
Take me with you and as strong seraphim fly us away
For peace now remains in my imagination.

Alone in the clutches of darkness.
Feeling but can’t touch you.
So close I know you are
And your love still lingers around.
On my bed, on the wall and on my body.

Leave me not wonderful, My only cry.
An emblem of suffering is such.
Shaming me to my face
For not fully living the time we hard together.
O wonderful man may your soul rest.
And in heavenly peace may it sleep

Life’s journey


By poetry

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