All of the confetti of our last party
has faded away
all of the friends of our bitter reality
have gave up that day
when we needed the help, the hands
everyone escaped
when they say” no we can’t “
we really regret

lonely,watching the drops of rain fallin’
don’t know who I should be callin’
lonely, watching the thunder rollin’
nobody’s here, that’s shokin’
lonely, feel like I’m not breathin’
don’t recognize what I’m hearin’
lonely, not looking for the shape but the meanin’
trying to remember the moments of the meetin’

laying on the bed alone and I sing
All by myself
turning the light down and I think
about the books on my shelf
even before the boat goes I sink
and no one to help
I can not find what I bring
I’m not that brave

even when the storm is miles away
I still feel cold
even when the light fill the day
I can’t be bold
even when I have something to say
I cannot hold
even when the sadness raise
I say “oh my God”

Zeina NA


By poetry

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