Crisp and bright a sunny day.

But by this evening clouds come play.

We can work and play outside.

We become what we decide!

What is life without an other?

Whether that be sister/brother!

Love’s a spirit gift to all.

Listen and you’ll hear love’s call!

Once you love your ears expand.

And you are changed by love’s demands.

Love demands things you must do.

The yolk of love is easy too!

Something now within has changed.

A brand new actor on the stage.

Love elevates one’s moral status.

Love embraces! It’s a catalyst!

A catalyst for what, you ask?

It helps you grow from what has passed.

Let love be your guiding light

Throughout your struggles in the night!

When you follow love’s direction

You gain an inner satisfaction!

And this you cannot replicate.

To fall in love with God’s our fate!

Thank You Father, for this plan.

With love on earth, I’m going to stand!

I have faith in Your direction.

Love’s the best in my perception!

© Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson


By poetry

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