I am

reanimated here

In Armageddon

Dominating fear

I swear…

but I lie

Or maybe I just don’t care

about anything…anymore


faith buckled?

I am just not afraid…anymore

Fuck it!

I’ll own “intellectual whore”


Or damnation…


suicidal ideation –

so rub me out

with mental masturbation

You might think I’m different


I’m just not the same

I am alchemy’s creation

on a sanity vacation

playing insanity’s game

Not half…

Not whole…

but a fraction

apathetic indifference

over emotionally plain

Plaid over stripes,

normalities stain.

Fruit on the vine

unquestionably ripe

before my time

Fronting hard to my own

freak circus vibe

oddities and anomalies

my aberration tribe

I am clown and animal

aimlessly chasing cars

a daytime beast

proliferating scars

A tasty nighttime feast

passion’s power

Eden’s garden

narcissistic flower

Natures least…

Folded softly,

my edgy vanity

stays permanently creased

I am the line you should cross

knowing in the end

you’ll end up bent

AWOL, lost

Still, thinking the journey

was worth the cost

My friend

what is fair?

I’m not sure


The bitter me

is not pure

I am a parody of myself

I am a status-quo cure

Reanimated there

at the edge

of the end of it all

Dominating fear

before I fall

I swear

Or maybe I just don’t care

about anything…anymore

James Hamilton


By poetry

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