On March 18, we will experience a full moon at 27 degrees Virgo. It is possible to talk about endings, completions, and awareness at full moon times. Of course, it is also possible to make an evaluation as a result of awareness. Gemini is rising during the full moon. Issues such as communication, the press, broadcasting, media, and education may be on our agenda. In a Full Moon chart, the Aquarius stellium can also highlight technology, human rights, groups coming together, or our desire for a little more freedom. During this period, workers can also raise their voices and make demands. At this Full Moon, which will take place in Virgo, it is beneficial to have our health checked and to protect our mental and physical health without worrying. The beautiful aspect of Venus and Chiron supports us in healing. Of course, it is useful to pay attention to the accident or the events that will suddenly develop in the square aspect of Mars and Uranus.

Aries: Things are becoming clearer about business and professions. You may decide to start a new job or quit your job. Maybe it’s a good time to complete your unfinished business. If you have an unfinished health-related treatment, there may be healing related to it. Do not forget to take care of your body, especially during this period. You can get a new pet, or people who have pets can take care of their pets.

Taurus: With this full moon, love, children, and hobbies may be on your agenda. There may be a period of completion or enlightenment regarding your relationship. You can spare time for your hobbies and reveal your artistic talents. Taking care of your children and spending time with them may also be on your agenda.

Gemini: You may have an agenda regarding family, home, and home matters. Moving, decorating, repairs, or family issues may come to the fore. Problems and health issues of family members can also be very important.

Cancer: Education, short trips, siblings, and cousins may be on your agenda this period. It is possible that you are in a period of intense communication with your close circle. You can also be quite active mentally. If you have a vehicle, your purchase and sale business and commercial agreements may also be on your agenda.

Leo: With this Full Moon, your financial gains may be on your agenda. Paying attention to your spending will be especially beneficial during this period. Your investments may also be very important to you during this period. You can make an evaluation of your own value and earnings.

Virgo: You can experience fulfillment and awareness in many areas, such as your health, career life, and marriage. Most of the situations related to you and your partner can become clear during this period. The seeds you have planted can bloom during this period. It will be beneficial for you to establish a relationship without being dependent on your partner and protecting yourself.

Libra: At this Full Moon, you can withdraw a little and make inquiries. You may be drawn to spiritual matters and be interested in areas such as prayer, meditation, and yoga. The full moon can be a good time to maintain your inner peace and quit harmful habits that are not good for you. Taking care of yourself mentally and spiritually and avoiding unnecessary worries can help you overcome your problems. It’s a good idea to be cautious about the things that go behind your back.

Scorpio: Your social circle, projects, and dreams may be on your agenda for this Full Moon. You can evaluate your social environment and complete the projects that you have been dealing with for a long time. You can review your future plans and make adjustments.
Sagittarius This Full Moon may affect your social status and your career. You can complete the work you need to complete in this period, and you can make clear decisions about your business life. It is about starting a new job or changing your existing career and making an evaluation of your job.

Capricorn: Education, long journeys, and relationships with strangers may be on your agenda for this full moon. You may go on a long-planned trip. During this period, you can attend training or seminars that interest you and will improve you. There may be a full moon in which your horizons expand and you gain awareness.

Aquarius: Joint earnings, credit, inheritance, and debts may be on your agenda this Full Moon. You can review your income and expenses in financial matters. It will be in your best interest to pay attention to your expenses and take responsibility for financial matters, especially during this period.

Pisces: Marriage and partnership matters may be on your agenda during this full moon. It is worth seeing your partner and relationship from a realistic perspective. Take care not to let your frustrations or yourself into your relationship. If you have a little foggy point of view, you can win awareness on this full moon. While some people decide to end their marriage or relationship, for others, a new relationship is in question.


By Eylulastro

Astrologer. ⭐ Birth chart✨ instagram:Septemberastro Eylulastro@gmail.com

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