Holiness and Divinity

Human We

Boy, Girl

Nature au naturel

Humanity, Society

We are die cast

Images of God

Divine You

Divine Me

Divinity We

Yet we are taught

We think

We believe

Different and otherly

Being Divine

This is not Us

Divinity is external

Divine is Separate

Not of Humanity and We

Divinity Divine

Is a Thing

Superior and Smarter


Than Me, Than You, Than We

We Imagine

A Creator

A Grand Wizard

Master puppeteer

Monarchial Paternal

Parental Being

We conceive

Divinity Divine

As above and beyond

Serious and Stern

No messing around

Our view

Confirmed and compounded

By perceptions

Of Life, Of Lives


Stark and Brutal

Pain and Suffering

Causes and Effects

Actions and Consequences

How wrong are we

We forget

Our Nature

Our Natural Divinity

Life is truly serious

Hard and raw

But it has a flipside

An other side of coin

Kindness and Caring

Love and Generosity

Willfulness and Playing

Fun and Curiosity

Remember this too

Though I know

It has been taught out of you

It has been beaten out of you

It has been squeezed from your veins

In struggling to survive

In trying to thrive

In beating your travail

You have gained amnesia

We forget

Our other half

Equally yours

Equally Divine

Really and Truly

How could this not be

The Truth of your Divinity

No constraints

Except your own

Endless possibilities

You have amazing abilities

Our Oldest and Our Wisest

Know and Recognize

That those of Us

Closest to Divinity

Are those untainted

The mystics

The madmen

The child

The wild

Mystic metaphysics

Madman chagrin

Ascetic heretic

Child wild

Why laugh

Why mock

Why point

Why accuse

They are Holiest

They are Divine

They are alike God

They are Divinity

Not ordained

Not blessed

Not revelated

Just untainted

They have yet to forget

No constraints

No seriousity

No pomposity

No posing

No maturity

They Live

Unabashed and Unafraid

Laughing and Giggling

Content and Carefree

In their awe

In their wonder

In their will

In their hope

In their faith

In their dreams

They still see

Innately and Intuitively



Their vistas

Endlessly possibility

Easy ability

Perfect certainty

They frolic

Through life


Within or Without

Life a merry-go-round

Yeses and Nos

Falls and Rises

Night and Day

Youth and Old

Holiness and Divinity

Divine Madness

Children wild and free

All are this

You and Me

Held in the Arms

Not of Gods Above

But in our Nature

By our Sovereignty

In our Divinity



Michael Hislop


By poetry

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