When I
feel restless,
for being inside the
four walls of a completely narrow
and limited thought,
I begin,
to think about
something vast,
very vast
I wonder,
how the immensity of water of
an ocean,
stretches out
far,in all directions that
I can not,
see the other shore,
I can not,
reach its end anywhere,
neither behind
or in front,
nor to the right
or left
And I feel like,
I’m floating
on this ocean which is wide,wide…
No Limits
When I
feel restless,
I begin,
to think about
eternity of time and the boundlessness
of space
I wonder,
this second in eternity
is just
a passing breath,
One doesn’t even have the time to
become aware of
the time,
it has no place,
it has no importance,
What indeed is a second in eternity ?
And I realise,
I’m an
imperceptible being,
in eternity,
blessed to witness the unrolling of
the whole world,
before my existence,
the unrolling of it
day after tomorrow
I can,
better understand
What an absurdity it is,to attach any importance
to One’s life,
to Oneself,
to what happened
to me,
to what happens
to me,
to what will happen
to me !

Biswananda Sinha


By poetry

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