To tell you the truth, I am nothing without love
To tell you of love, it’s nothing without truth
And the truth is…
We pay the price for love
Even through dishonesty, false promising,
Abandoning the fragility of blood
Because when we finally see mortality,
Regret and anger can’t breed its hateful seed…
We live, we die, and in between, we breathe…
Just to feel our purpose in someone else’s need for our love.
In our impermanence, it lives on,
Because we bravely broke open this invisible vessel
And poured out our essence in the presence of our beloved.
It keeps me breathing, grateful for the bleeding,
The only reason my heart’s still singing in its cage of ribs.
And when it’s done with its song,
Everything I took and all that I gave,
Everything I lost, and all that I gained;
Was for love…
And it was worth it.


Beth Willett


By poetry

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