I sing songs of quiet desperation

Calling out to you

No answer

Thick layers of fat use to keep me protected

Now the bones that are under my skin are projected

And I feel every ounce of rejection

Because this one just wasn’t expected

No excuses

Because before I could just chalk it up

to my round waste which was cool

Cuz I had a bigger bust

But now they’re both gone

What’s left of lust?

But you still desired something about this

Deflated shell of a woman

This demon dance hell in this woman

Feet had enough?

Have to sit this one out?

I scream and I shout

You just close your eyes and your mouth

Not a sound comes out


This curse is unforgivable

Completely under your spell

No control of myself

I’d bend for you

Until I shatter

Crossing oceans and moving mountains

And you couldn’t get up off your couch and

Row me across the river like Noah

Kiss me in the rain

Pick up up and carry me just to show off

The strength in those gladiator thighs

So it just makes all the sweet nothings

Sound like nothing but lies

When all I want

All I wish

Is for you by my side

So please



Just stay

You don’t gotta


Medusa Oblongata


By poetry

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