Hey babe

We had a nice chat

And I pray we do that always

Even if we can’t , am glad we are here for us

You made my day with your words

You were so into

I felt like you were here

That’s the more reason I never miss you much

In all that I have achieved

Am always grateful we found us

And I promise to be there for us as always

Am grateful for your time

Those times you smiled

I always would wish you do it over again

Go to bed next to me

Go to bed and I wouldn’t miss you

I would see you in my dreams

All that we’ve missed and never said

We would say it there

Stay beautiful ❤️ for me always

And when you wake

Let it be to a bright and beautiful day

Goodnight my love

Safest Night my pride

Sleep sweet my one amongst many

Robert Takon

Robert Teekay



Robert Takon


By poetry

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