Africa my Africa

Africa of proud warriors in the Savannah,

Your meadow rich and fertile

Your juicy tree taller than a man

Africa the radiant sun in your home

bask, and sign of clock- time,

Africa your eve, a period

of sleeping and resting hour

Africa you are the wisdom of the river

Wizard of the thick wilderness,

The moonlight unveil hours

of the nocturnal doom

Africa is this your head? bald

and no longer carrying Crown,

Your neck is no longer of title beads

And your hairs interweave with ribbons

Africa your sprout spray with chemicals

And your carcass without coffin, and grave.

Africa tell me Africa

Why are you mute ?

Your gentility has cover your fame

And your nomadic no longer feed his free range Cattle with grass, but sweat.

Africa you are dead living

in dead land. When will

you reincarnate back to life ?

AbdulAhmeed Adesigbin


By poetryinjection

I'm a Poet, Writer and a Social critic

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