I Thank you God for creating me from rib

For making me

Carrier of the pregnancy,

For nine months I was heavy

Splitting and worried,

For some days I slept of hunger

Tired of the daily house chores

I Thank you God for creating me

Mother and Salt of the World

For I am the bread and tea at night

Soft morsel on bed

For I cuddle my husband till dawn,

I am pleased of my gender

For the wealthy and poor wants me

Potentates and Freeborn

Want me to reside in their heart,

With the larger size of my boobs

And my fleshy halves

I lurch the lad.

I Thank you God for my skin

For I bask the shivering heart

With love,

For I quench the dying soul

With eternal happiness,

For I give sight to the myopic.




By poetryinjection

I'm a Poet, Writer and a Social critic

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