When am coming back at dusk,
the cries of the birds will testify
solace, at the cozy lily forest,
Where I dine, and wine with gomid
three legged head, veil human.

Tell all to await at the village square
where the footage of our ancestors dwell,
beseech the parrot to be still
and leave the vicinity of all homes.

Raise aloud to all gorgeous maiden
beautiful huckster of veggies at dusk
not to hawk pass my route,
than to applaud my fighting session
with four thousands demon, in wild.

Scorch a fire to all cassowary birds
evil disturbing the whole mankind
pierce out their eyes with stick,
and dig a lean hole for all, to rest.

morrow shall crown me my name
where I shall obtain an accolade
attain a chieftain title, warlord Chief.

travail barefooted to my stead,
when at meadow, I love nature,
nurture with the tender sprout
herb flowing in a clay mold pot,
bow down when you see granny
Salute father with his eulogy
Tell all, Ọ̀kánlàwó, is a Great Man…

©️AbdulAhmeed Adesigbin


By poetryinjection

I'm a Poet, Writer and a Social critic

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