Hello, my name is Benjamin Thiel and I live in Colorful Colorado.

I have been blogging for a several years and It is an honor and a privilege to be invited to speak here.

My site, Brothers Campfire is a conglomerate of stories and lifestyle posts.

I am an avid gardener an raise ducks and geese in my urban farm.

It is winter here and we are getting ready for spring. I plan to build a new home for my ducks.

Because my wife is sick, I will go light on the gardening this year and plant pumpkin and squash.

For employment, I work in a prison. There, I have learned much about people. One learns respect and humility in a prison.

I have seen that the Turkish are the predominant readers of Kunye Online.

Türkiye is rich in culture and traditions and I would like to visit one day. I love to eat and would like to try the street food or eat a meal at someone’s home. I suppose the fine dining is ok, but I would rather immerse myself in culture.

One thing I would like to try is spelunking in the Toros reigion of Türkiye. This sounds exhilarating.

Well, that is all I have for today!

güle güle!


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