Holiness and Divinity

Holiness and Divinity Human We Boy, Girl Nature au naturel Humanity, Society We are die cast Images of God Divine You Divine Me Divinity We Yet we are taught We think We believe Different and otherly Being Divine This is not Us Divinity is external Divine is Separate Not of Humanity and We Divinity Divine […]

Daha Fazla Oku

Non-Glory İn All İts İmpetus

Non-glory in all its impetusSpew forthChange everlastingMy heart processedCeasing from prodigality.Survivalism in my veins.Surfeit EpicureanismAllegoricallyWhile I will never get itI hope that you can understand.Little smiles on your mouthI do not want to be borrowedMake me a makerA moth on a windowscreenEyelid drowningCat blue ice spreadsDreaming of identical riversI am laid out on paperHour of […]

Daha Fazla Oku


To tell you the truth, I am nothing without loveTo tell you of love, it’s nothing without truthAnd the truth is…We pay the price for loveEven through dishonesty, false promising,Abandoning the fragility of bloodBecause when we finally see mortality,Regret and anger can’t breed its hateful seed…We live, we die, and in between, we breathe…Just to […]

Daha Fazla Oku

#GIVE / iairhis

Give as much of what is given to you, Listen to pity’s call; Don’t think the little you give is great, And the much you have is small. You give not because you have enough, But because it is the right thing to do. You shall reap in joy the harvest, You have sown today […]

Daha Fazla Oku

When I Feel Restless / Biswananda Sinha

When Ifeel restless,for being inside thefour walls of a completely narrowand limited thought,I begin,to think aboutsomething vast,very vastI wonder,how the immensity of water ofan ocean,stretches outfar,far,far,in all directions thatI can not,see the other shore,I can not,reach its end anywhere,neither behindor in front,nor to the rightor leftAnd I feel like,I’m floatingon this ocean which is wide,wide…No […]

Daha Fazla Oku
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