Brothers Campfire Asks,What Is A Dongle?

Hello, Benjamin from Brothers Your Questions Answered; Day 2 What is a dongle, and how did it it’s name. –Benjamin I once lived on coffee and rice for several months. Rice is ok, but after you’ve been eating it for a few weeks the flavor gets a little hard to take. So I mixed in […]

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Benjamin Thiel says Hello to the people of Türkiye!

Hello, my name is Benjamin Thiel and I live in Colorful Colorado. I have been blogging for a several years and It is an honor and a privilege to be invited to speak here. My site, Brothers Campfire is a conglomerate of stories and lifestyle posts. I am an avid gardener an raise ducks and […]

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Göbekli Tepe

Merhaba, Brother’s Campfire’dan Benjamin burada! Umarım Google bugün Türkiye’nin güzel insanlarına çeviride hakkını verir. Uçak biletim olsa Türkiye’de görmek istediğim yerlerden biri de ören yerlerini gezmek için Göbekli Tepe. Antik tarih beni büyülüyor, özellikle de yazılı sözün kayıt tutma için çok yaygın olmadığı alanlarda. Bölgede avcı-toplayıcılık ve tarım arasında bir geçiş burada gerçekleşti. Bir toplum […]

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How The Cow Chews The Cud and Diminutive Dots

Hello, Benjamin from Brother’s Campfire here! If it is important to your boss, you should make it important to you as well, up to a certain extent.  I once had a supervisor that directed me to dance on a table and disrupt an awards ceremony. The boss was pushy and demanding, making it necessary to […]

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Personalities Shamelessly Exposed Online

Hello, Benjamin from Brother’s Campfire here! I was talking to someone recently who told me that he has a lot of blog participation but most of the people that read are from far away. There is a small number of folks that are in my physical vicinity that read my blog, and even fewer family […]

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