The one that gives a new life on planet Earth

Although it seems to us that the illusion is actually great

We must believe in love, the pillar of communion itself

Which is shown by deeds, not dry words

Because over time you get bored of listening to everything day in and day out


Love is what keeps people sane

Although it often seems to us that many suffer from it

No, they just didn’t learn what a real person is, the honest one

What will give up will not leave you at first rebuke

The one who tears will wipe away when some sadness floods you

When you break up on one date


People say, “He who quarrels actually loves the most.”

Although quarrels are more of an argument and a conflict of opinion

Where we still look vaguely at what they consider love

Honest, which drives entire links in one engine

Man’s stationary state of ego


It is time to congratulate the holidays that are coming to us

Although it is in February, the snow may not have fallen yet

But we are all in love with someone, even the author himself

Although he was never lucky enough to meet someone like himself

He urged others to continue to walk boldly in their dreams

Never give up the search for the right person

Because loving someone these days is an abstraction

But not a way of life; you don’t even think about it at all!


We love gifts, and that’s not all there really is to ask

I guess it matters how much you show love outside of the holidays

Because Valentine’s Day isn’t just about paying attention then

In expensive gifts that make you smile

Rather, it is important to show the good side of yourself always

Twenty-four through seven and a million seconds

Shared with the beauty next to you that you have

Keep it indefinitely, because she still suffers from all adversity

What happens to you in life


And while the red wine on the table still stands fresh

We have to think about tomorrow that is coming

And to everyone else, that a smile adorns radiant faces

She next to you, you next to him, happy under the stars

You smile at ordinary little things

That is true love!


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