Mother often takes care of all of us unconditionally.

until we as children sometimes appreciate it

but let’s figure out when the time comes.

because we always believe in something

which life itself provides on time and with reason


Motherhood is a difficult thing in this world.

because we still don’t believe in motherhood

it can be very difficult when we know

that the women of this world are very sad

because they have no right to vote


but I still know that in the depths of my soul.

My mother takes care of me unconditionally.

because she loves me no matter what I am.

and my mother always takes care of me without regard.

how old she was


because my mother and mother only last

as long as the mother is alive and as long as she exists

because she brought me into the world hard

and I am happy because I definitely have a mother.

which respects the principles of motherhood


The point of it all is to love my mother.

because I am happy when my mother is happy.

when I fulfil some of my desires

and that the ambitions I follow remain valid

at every given moment of its existence


because my mother is happier when she knows that motherhood is like a candle. 

It will stop one day.

forever, but they will know that far away

It keeps me from all evil and trouble.

because my mother is the only one who loves me in the world!


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