Eversince l met you tables of fortune have turned around for me.
I have found my soulmate in you.
You my forever and eternity.
I’ve prayed for a soulmate and the Lord blessed me with you.
My love you were the best thing that has ever happened to me.But

But now we are miles apart .
I miss to be embraced in your arms.
I miss those deep kisses we shared.
I miss everything about you my dear.
Please come back and comfort my heart.

Perception of peace is far thought
Situations have become tough to sought out my dear
The epitome of silence , wisdom of musk
Deeds are at stake , unfair is the mask ……

The lifeless feelings are getting cracked,
I did not leave ,l say
Just changed my way
I am not able to say,
But l am the wind you feel
I am in your every zeal….

My Heart is yearning for you.
I feel paleness in my face and blackness in my
eyes as I spend my loney days with you.

You got me addicted to you , since you my remedy please
nurse my cravings.
If I had wings of the cherub I would have taken a flight
to meet you but I only have your picture to adore…

I am sorry you had to suffer untamed because of
The gobbles of love surely didn’t favour us.
Today I seek no answer
As I am in a dark dungeon
No light,
No windows ,
No walls,

I also yearn to see you ,
To see those round like shaped eyes of yours into
As they promise eternity will always.
How can I breath without your hands,
hands that held me tight and forgot to let go.
I did not leave , I am coming

@ Praise Patrick ~ the Son of a King
Andile De poet💞


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