Love Remit

Shower you with love from a distance
Blow kisses from outside your window
Embrace you, from outside the closed door
And whisper confessions of my love
From amidst a noisy crowd
While you stand seventy feet away
With a headset covering your ears
If World Remit helps us send cash to loved ones from afar
Then Love Remit should work it’s magic this time.

Text your kin to check up on you
And have them promise they won’t tell you
Not that I have anything to hide
For even the ants know that my heart’s where you reside
But I’ve taken the time to decide
To burn a few bridges from my side
It’s neither you nor me, it’s fate that’s gone wild

Indeed, a lake of love flows in you
The ventricles of my heart have seen it
And it knows for fact that it owes you
But i need to shut it down so as to thoroughly clean it

I know that I’m a load of work
So on technicalities you’ve got two jobs
Allow me to be bossy one more time
So I grant you leave or at least a few days off
You aren’t being suspended
Just being given your well deserved period of rest
So that your weakened soul recuperates.

I’ll be waiting doctorly
Because you’re the patient in this case
But I’m afraid I can’t pay you any visits
At least not when you’re wide awake…
And I’ll call my heart Britain during this phase
Because I’ve placed it in splendid isolation.

Till the sun rises from the South
Till all the cats exhaust their nine lives
I’ll be waiting for your heart to get back on its arteries
Even if it falls in the arms of another person.




By 1a - Künye Haber

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