A Collaborative Poem by ANGEL THOMAS ( MALAWI 🇲🇼)

Just as blood fluxing in everyone’s vessels is red,
Regardless of continent holding our roots;
We are all one, and we must always be,
With our dreams sheltering one another,
Our hearts rhyming with each other,
With rhythmical beats of unity, love and peace.

Languages and religions cannot deter our goals,
To understand each others feelings.
Where smiles garland a heart with jubilations,
To hoist the flag of humanity.
Being righteous, concerned and empathatic,
Let us stand for each others rights for global unity.

Wars are but the deadly predators of human existence,
They swallow million lives, and leave lands in rags,
They suck economy and leave it dehydrated,
Tremendous miseries, disturbed mental peace raising flags high,
Let us all unite, and solve our differences amicably:
No racism, no terrorism pulling walls asunder.

Chained emotions from depravity,
Prostitutes vociferate against immorality.
Suffocated voices are choked under brutality,
There is an immediate cry,
For a lady with a lamp.
Barbarity breathes in the dens of corruption,
Righteous means will raise several voices;
To stampede abomination deliberately.

So, under one umbrella called “unity” let’s all rise,
Love diffusing across continental boarders,
In our various languages singing one anthem of tranquility,
Hands interlaced to fight one good fight.
We are one, and we must always be,
And earth would be a good home for all of us.

Worshipping humanity at the core ,
Embracing all irrespective of differences.
Illuminating hearts with compassion , friendship and care ,
Let’s build a paradise of smiles.
To build a global forum for peace and solidarity,
Squealing in a cheerfulness that;
We are one and we unite to share love and compassion.


By 1a - Künye Haber

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