The more you’re going from one stage to another in your life, the more you began to meet new people whom you termed as “a Friend.” These are people that accompanied you in different ways, they motivate, help, destroy and many more ÔÇŽ

There are so many types of friends that you meet and all those friends came to your life for a purpose best known to them. Some categories of Friends are listed below:

You have those friends that you met through Media, they became your status viewers who gave you likes and comments about your posts. These friends are mostly available just in Media but some are even available outside.

There are other kind of friends you meet them in real life, these are friends that are with you for a purpose best known to them.

There is also a kind of friends that came to your life during difficulties, these friends came unexpectedly and supported you to their best abilities. They sometimes leave when they sees you making progress but some do stay by your side.

Finally, you have those friends that came to your life to study you. This friends came when things were cool around you, they enjoyed and laughed with you. Such friends disappeared like a flash when they get their satisfactions or purposes they came for. As they left, it make you wallow in regrets for giving them chance in your life.

As you keep on progressing in life, you will meet all these kind or many more friends. For you, they might be the best friends but deep down their heart, it’s filled with darkness that you can’t even predict them.

Not everyone that came close to you really want the best for you, some came to use you and dump you, others came to guide and support you but the problem here is;
who did you think want the best for you?
_ Who’s that best friend whom you can trust?_

To know a true friend is one of the luckiest thing that you can get but you as an individual, you should be very careful of whoever you meet in your life. The best of all the best friends is that individual who always want the best for you. These kind of friends are never tired of celebrating your progress and when they see you in the wrong way, they always stood on their feet to make sure you go on the right track.

Such friends are rare to find, it’s like searching a needle that falls inside a river. If you get one friend, be appreciative to that person and hold it so tight. They are your best people.

ÔÖ╗´ŞĆBe sacred of those friends that never support your dreams or keep pushing you on things that have no future benefits for you in futureÔÇŽ..

BE INSPIRED BY: O. Boy, the Creative WriterÔťŹ´ŞĆ


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