On the 6th of March,1957
A country called the Gold Coast
Gained her independence from her
Colonial masters called the British
Today she became a republican,
A day she got it own president.

As a concern citizen
Will like to permit me to modify this piece with some legacies
And I stand with no fear nor panic
Speaking on the legacy of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah
The first president of the republic of Ghana
As they fought and sacrifice their blood and taken us from the hands of our invaders

So I ask our so called leaders now
What happened to our adorable lands and vegetations?
What happened to our Gold and Oil ?
What happened to our Cocoa and Timber?
This is so overwhelming and devastating
A Nation at sixty-six, many of youths are still unemployed
A country at it oldest age cannot fight corruption
We get thief’s, criminals and incompetent leaders who can’t even fight against galamsey.

Dollar keep increasing everyday
Poverty keep glowing and turning to be our norms
Truth have been painted and polished with lies
A Nation of Democratic
Is turned to a Nation of autocratic and youths aren’t useful and their yelling are unheard in the hands of wicked and incompetent leaders.

We wear red but forgotten the blood shed by our forefathers for our freedom
We produced gold but forgotten that we’re rich and precious
Green plants and vegetations around us but still hungry
The black star is now a trashing star
All because a demon is holding our flag.
I hereby cry in a sorrowful thrilled voice
To God the almighty to descend down His mercies and rescue us from this afflictions and bondage
I pray.

GHANA ­čçČ­čçş


By 1a - K├╝nye Haber

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