Glorified as a sign of love , compassion and eternal beauty ,
Rose is the queen of flowers which is beautiful, appealing and attractive.
So divine is its fragrance ,
That everyone is in an oblivion to witness its elegance.
Roses enchant and enthrall us in different shapes , sizes , colours and patterns ,
White , yellow , pink and red rejuvinate us with a fragrance, That seems to calm us in a gentility and warmth.
When the mind indulges in a winsome and wacky , turmoil,
The beautiful flower always instill a motivation and vigour.
Unfolding the pages of a chapter in a book,
Often a reminiscence of the past uplifts the spirits;
While holding the torn petals of this flower.
Keeping it inside the book as a fond memory ,
Gives a divine touch to that person’s gift in an endeavour to treasure so unabashed.
That unbroken heart searches for the love which perhaps enlivens ,
Those glorious moments when the lovers spent together in a close proximity.

The tiny thorns pricks at times to remind,
Life is not a bed of roses that we can;
Always hope for the best to embrace and abide.
Grown in shrubs they spread the fragrance,
Perhaps Cupid throws an arrow on the buds from above ;
And rejoices over the garlands that the wreaths are adorned.
To the newly weds or the lovers on Valentine’s day,
To uplift passion and sensation to cheer up the melancholic situation.
As W.B. Yeats fondly related that like a casket of gold,
This beautiful flower blossomed in his dreams in memory of his beloved lover.
Whispering to the beautitude of nature ,
White roses symbolises peace ,
Yellow roses symbolises friendship and pink roses symbolises gratefulness and joy.
The delicate petals attract a beholder ,
Who smells it over and over again.
A purity that it relates to the whole world,
Would continue to cheer several celebrations and gatherings for more fervour.

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By 1a - Künye Haber

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