India celebrated its Independence Day on 15th August , 1947 from the British rule. It commemorated it’s Constitution coming into force on 26th January , 1950. This auspicious day is celebrated as Republic Day since then. With profound elation , as a proud Indian , today we remember the courage , vigour , determination , perseverance , dare and bravery of those freedom fighters , martyrs and the victims of the colonial rule , which once triggered passion of independence from the prolong bondage and slavery.
Remembering DR. B.R. AMBEDKAR , who is recognised as ” The Father of the Constitution of India ” , who took a very prominent part in the deliberations of the Constituent Assembly. The Constitution of India created a sovereign republic in the modern state of India. It took persistent efforts for several years to draft and enact our Constitution. The Constitution safeguards the citizens’ rights and protects and ensures the independence of the judiciary. It helps to check our country’s legal , political and social functions in diferent ways.
Our Constitution is codified, means they are written down clearly in a specified document called ” The Constitution ” . In 1946 a constituent assembly was formed to draft the constitution. On 26th January it came into force.
Today , we Indians feel proud of our nation and seek the friendly ties with the global solidarity to receive love and affection and respect. We believe in a Sovereign, Socialist , Secular , Democratic Republic with a parliamentary system of government .

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