Getting rejected from a crush or romantic partner can easily break you, as it involves aspects of yourself that may be outside of your control (like your physicality). According to marriage and family therapist, romantic relationships have an intimacy component that leads individuals to feel more vulnerable — and therefore, can cause individuals to feel more hurt when we face rejection in this way.

Jumping right into another relationship to dull the pain of the first rejection can lead to an unhealthy cycle of reinforcing that old traumatic wound of your first rejection. Instead, take some time to self-reflect first; even though you may not be successful at first, trying to land on the root of why things didn’t work out may help you be better aware in future relationships.

If, for instance, your partner rejects your marriage proposal (or any proposal to move your relationship to the next level) you should consider it an opportunity to reassess and take stock of your relationship — and self-reflect on your own emotions and intentions.

A big part of dealing with this is values and priorities — checking in with what your values are, and checking in with your partner’s values. If there are two different levels of values and priorities, then that’s something that deserves communication about

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Klein Mwangi

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