I’m a middle class poet,
my poems are scribbled on the pages with those unhappy pens.
But I feel the depths of my mind in the flow of my writing.
I am a middle class poet who wrote everything in blood, with heart, pain and sorrow that soothes my soul.
I started writing these pages with a bloody ink pen,
It comforts me as it dries and fades.
So let me live as a middle-class poet, Let these articles fly in the open air.
Show me smooth path to breathing about my voyage to poetic world.
But my heart is always with my beloved, she was my poetry, one day She stood in the front line of my poetry.
We remembered our beautiful garden, where love comes;

🏠🌹🦋We have a garden at the back of the house,
With full of flowers and fruits, raised a candle in a vase of flowers all over the garden.
The honey bee flies from flower to flower,
The sound of the harp is auspicious, nice to see the bunch of colorful butterfly 🐝
🌻She looks beautiful in the butterfies around her,
She flows like a river to join the ocean of love,
She always wants to fly in the sky because she doesn’t want to keep herself in the cave of the house.
Searching a partner to fulfill her love desires,
Her mind is like a waterfall,
Flowing like a river to meet the ocean of love.
One day she embraces me and tries to merge my heart into her heart forever… 🌻
Can I, the middle-class poet fetch the moon from the sky?
But where there is a will, there is a way!!!

Copyright ©®King of Poetry Prince Amb Poet Dr Prasanna Kumar Mohapatra, India.

Prasanna Mohapatra


By poetry

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