There’s beauty in the air around us.

Winter has yet to surround us!

Gradually the world does tilt.

It’s quite the world that You have built!

A harmony of all Your forces.

Life’s a lesson – many courses!

As we live, it’s said we learn.

To do His will’s what we discern!

A gradual change occurs within.

Decisions for God’s will begin!

Work towards the best you can imagine.

To do what’s right’s not out of fashion!

Trust the Lord! He loves you most!

He’s truly real! He is no ghost!

He’s with you in the dead of night.

He’ll help through trials. Do what’s right!

If you have a sincere heart

And truly try to do your part,

You will learn God’s fact of will.

you can acquire God-like skill!

Improvement is its own reward.

It happens when you love the Lord!

As you learn to do His will

You acquire loving skills!

Thank You Father, adventure calls.

Decisions can give new resolve!

This day exists for us to use.

Let’s help this world be Spirit infused!

© Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson


By poetry

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