Àjẹ́ owners of the negro world

One who eat bowel without vomiting,

Àjẹ́ mother of the mothers

One who kill with words, not sword.

Àjẹ́ in reverse you turn landlord to

tenant, changing glory to cripple

One who tie wrapper without touching the ground

Dawn you are human, dusk in animal form.

Àjẹ́ the nocturnal bats flying with

wings at Twilight,

One who chase out bliss, and replace it with severe misfortune.

Àjẹ́ you change potent to impotent, fertile

to sterile, brave to coward.

Like an owl you hoot changing the

liquor breast of a wean mother to blood,

Àjẹ́ you steal from the house of the wealthy Ajé and replace it with debts,

Àjẹ́ twilight is your hour where your doom is pass.



By poetryinjection

I'm a Poet, Writer and a Social critic

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