I know for a fact that people are the same everywhere. They run their routine, always envisaging some form of change, either to the weather, their predicament, or policies that rattle them while wondering why time slips past and they come off feeling like they haven’t accomplished enough. They get by anyway, some giving up on trying to change, others trying very hard to grapple with change, and yet others, trying to understand “why the change?”

I woke up to yet another new week much earlier than I would typically do. It seemed like an invisible alarm rang in my head, prodding me to wake up and catch the morning sunrise. If only one could bottle sunrise, it would be the most intoxicating drink ever.

Sunrises mellow the heart, and their golden rays wind their way into the fringes of your mind, to exhibit elation and exhilaration.

I hope that you have great sunrises to greet you every day of your lives from this day forth.

– shobana –


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