Àdùkẹ́ the gentle maiden native of Ẹ̀sọ́ Ìkòyí

Her black skin shine like the radiant Sun

Like a Princess dress in tie and dye fabric

Charming foible and old in our home

Àdùkẹ́ her skin is made of Seven colours

Her face is mold with clays of the ocean,

like a god she walks amidst the bevy

of which no maiden can defy her beauty

Àdùkẹ́ no man can resist the singing beads around the thigh

in rhyme with the gurgling leather drum,

like an elder you speak, in Parables, and Proverbs

catching back the dying soul with witty saying

Àdùkẹ́ let me pat you with naira in dollars note

let have fun under the cool cocoa tree,

Àdùkẹ́ I wonder why you are human

Your beauty can’t be defy

Àdùkẹ́ you’re the moon seen at Twilight,

You’re the sun rising at noon,

Àdùkẹ́ let me bask you with my flesh

And lead way to the unborn infant

Àdùkẹ́ mother said I live in old years

Father said wisdom reside in me,

Àdùkẹ́ adúmáradán ẹlẹ́yinjúegẹ́

Please be my heart !

AbdulAhmeed Adesigbin


By poetryinjection

I'm a Poet, Writer and a Social critic

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