On April 30, a solar eclipse will occur at 10 degrees of Taurus. Unexpected events and surprises can happen in an eclipse where Uranus is also conjunct. During the eclipse, Sagittarius is rising and its ruler, Jupiter, is conjunct Venus in Pisces. Divine love, healing, and opportunities can knock on our door. Immigrants, religions, and universities may also be on our agenda. Natural events (earthquakes, landslides, floods) may occur. Especially in the lives of fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), radical changes and fateful events may occur. Be careful not to resist change in the face of sudden events. Unexpected developments may occur in matters such as money, real estate, and agriculture. Have an eclipse where you will make a good start.

Aries: You can reveal your talents and earn monetary gains. You can get good financial and moral support.
Taurus: You can make fateful and radical beginnings in many areas, such as aesthetics, marriage, or a new job. Personal issues may be on your agenda.
Gemini: You may experience a spiritual awakening. Pay attention to negative emotions such as fear and anxiety and have your health checks done. Healing practices such as prayer and meditation can be good for you.
Cancer: Your social circle and friend groups may be busy during this period. You can meet new people. You can put your dreams for the future into action and start a new project.
Leo: You can start a new job or change your current job. Your status in society may change. If you are single, you can get married. Your career matters may become important.
Virgo: Education, media, law, and business may be on your mind. You can travel far, be in contact with strangers. It is possible to come together with new cultures.
Libra: Financial issues such as bank accounts, loans, inheritances, joint gains, insurance, etc. may be on your agenda. You can make adjustments to your income and expense balance. Surgery can also be done during this period.
Scorpio: Marriage and partnership issues may be on your agenda. There are issues such as sudden marriage or divorce. Consulting, joint affairs, or legal affairs may also come on your agenda during this period.
Sagittarius: Your workplace, health issues, pets, and daily routines may be at the forefront. It will be in your best interest to have your health checks done. You can adopt a new pet or start a new project.
Capricorn: A new love may suddenly knock on your door and you may start a relationship. You can showcase your artistic talent by using your creativity. You can start with sports. Some may have children.
Aquarius: You can move to a new house or decorate your home. There are developments regarding the family elders in this period. You are also likely to build your own nest.
Pisces: it can begin a new training session. You can go on short trips. Your siblings, cousins, and close friends may be on your agenda during this period. There is also the issue of buying and selling vehicles or commercial matters.


By Eylulastro

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