Virtually all believe that ‘sex’ is the needle and thread that weave the heart of two lovers, but it’s one disastrous defects that has changed the life of an Optimistic man to a Pessimist, doubting about his/her struggle to the ladder of success. Sex isn’t a bond neither the hope of a lasting relationship; Most of the Prophets, Clergies, and Apostles speaks against the ungodly act in relationship. Sex is only for married men and women, not for dirty boys and girls.

I interview a lady and she narrated her ungodly relationship “ when we started the relationship, it was full of humour, lovely, and lively but we ended it with REMORSE “ Two years later he demanded for ‘ sex’ of which I firstly denied him, but later I give it to him, since then I’ve been witnessing series of bad nightmares, misfortune, and bad luck. Sex isn’t the pillar, nor the bricks of a joyful relationship “ if he/she is demanding for it, why can’t you leave “

Sex is one of the mechanism Devil used in changing glowing glory into nothing, After the fall of man, the Creator of the creation sent Him to a wide region “ Earth “ where he lives with some demon archangels, he knew man/woman are fond of Sex, and since then, he has been using it to lure the two gender. Sex is ungodly “ The Pride of every womanhood, is keeping her virginity “. Before the advent of the white Colonial masters “ maiden keep their sight from the folks of men “. But nowadays both gender are fond of it.

“ The House of the Lord is only for saints “ nowadays we see Junkie, and Sex addict praising God, in raising their voices aloud, but no one can utter a Judgment on them except God.

If you want your good fortune to speak for you in the nearest tomorrow, move away from SEX. No one knows tomorrow, no one can say where you are going in life, 5 minutes enjoyment can shatters your eternal excitement.

AbdulAhmeed Adesigbin


By poetryinjection

I'm a Poet, Writer and a Social critic

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