Getting married at the befitting time isn’t the problem, but can you managed your home is the major problem?. Marriage should never be in haste, when you’re ready for the sweetness and difficulties embedded in it, please hook up, but if you’re not, continue to enjoy your bachelor/spinster life.

Marriage the joy of all humans, but not all are ready for what it entails. An adage says “ no single tree can make a wilderness “ you alone can’t mold a blissful beautiful home, and you alone can’t produce. Couples nowadays believe “ marriage “ is only for Procreation, I’ll give what it takes to satisfy my husband/woman when he asked for a ride. Marriage is seen beyond Procreation; a legal union of man and a woman to become husband and wife and to live together, during misfortune, and blissful enjoyment.

Many are getting married because they’re fond of marriage galore celebration “ I was in an event last weekend so many dignitaries were present, the wedding was looking amazing, lively and lovely “. An adage says “ you cannot know the taste of a food, until you taste it “ Are you ready to take in a man/woman?, What are your plans?, Are you Intelligent and Knowledgeable?,

“ A man standing besides a river can’t say if the river is deep or not “. A single man can’t define marriage to you, if you’re ready for marriage, consult married Couples before you move on.

AbdulAhmeed Adesigbin


By poetryinjection

I'm a Poet, Writer and a Social critic

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