Jupiter joins the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon in Pisces. Our interest in emotions, mystical, spiritual and artistic subjects may increase in this period. Let’s be mindful of addictions and of self-deception. We can focus on the divine characteristics of Pisces, protect our inner peace and reveal a little more artistic creativity. For a while, we can start to put our dreams into action during this period. I see Libra rising in the new moon chart. Relationships will be on our agenda. Let’s try to maintain the balance of giving and receiving in our relationships. Especially with the conjunction of Venus, Mars, and Pluto in Capricorn, passion, power, and tangible values will be at the forefront of relationships and monetary matters. Even though we are a little more realistic, determined, and have intense emotions, let’s try to stay away from situations that wear us out, such as violence and excessive ambition. On this beautiful Uranus-supported New Moon, it will be beneficial for us to evaluate the opportunities that will come before us. It is in this question that we make important beginnings in our business, professional, and working lives. At the same time, with the beautiful aspect of the Lunar Nodes on Venus, Mars, and Pluto, some may start a relationship where they can take firm steps. With this conjunction of Mercury and Saturn in Aquarius, we can take responsibility for our thoughts and look at things a little more realistically. The Internet, technology, and other social connections may also be on our agenda. I wish everyone a good new moon and I would like to briefly touch on the zodiac signs.🦋


By Eylulastro

Astrologer. ⭐ Birth chart✨ instagram:Septemberastro Eylulastro@gmail.com

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