a home of wisdom
where sluggish can’t live,
a riverine coastal basin
where Ajé dwells
Home of Ẹ̀pẹ́, Àwórì,…
a city of love
where tribes are equal
exchanging pleasantries,
a home of the junkie
where rickety cars scream,
Èkó ìlú ọgbọn
where ẹyọ glow in their velvet,
a home where at every corner
inhabitants sleep and snore,
Èkó akete ìlú ọgbọn
a busy running state
where money is planted like seeds
reaping by the ọmọ onílẹ̀,
a home of road latest horse riding
where island a concert ground,
Èkó akete ìlú ọgbọn…



By poetryinjection

I'm a Poet, Writer and a Social critic

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