The Sun-Fomalhaut meets its fixed star! 🌟
A great time frame for prayer, wishes, meditation, and wishes. It will also be very beneficial for our higher selves to maintain our inner peace spiritually and help people who need help during this time period. Let’s try to keep our frequency high and preserve our goodwill during this time period when the wishing doors of the universe are opening. We wish all the beauty and miracles to find us all!🥳🎊
🦋”The universe sends me everything I need when I need it, and in the most beautiful way.”
🦋”I trust in divine timing and divine flow. The system supports me in my dreams.
🦋”I am healthy, lucky, rich, peaceful, and full of love. I am gaining awareness every day and I am spiritually awakening. “
🦋”The beauties of life come to me easily.”
🦋”My frequency is high and I am able to get my requests.”


By Eylulastro

Astrologer. ⭐ Birth chart✨ instagram:Septemberastro Eylulastro@gmail.com

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