A person born in the New Moon phase (0°–45) goes according to his own wishes and does not give up his goal, even if his actions are wrong. A person can be someone who is enthusiastic, energetic, and motivated. This phase is quite important for coming up with new ideas.

A person born in the Waxing Crescent phase (45°-60°) wants to make his wishes concrete. As soon as a person feels trusted, he becomes motivated and wants to trust others. This person, who is in search of calmness, tranquility, peace and material security, also wants to make an impression on the outside world. It is very important for a person to gain experience in order to gain self-confidence.Female figures can be intense in one’s life.

A person born at the stage of the First Quarter (90°–135°) tries to take root in life. A person wants to be respected for his work, and there is a lot of struggle in their lives. There may be a decency between his character and his feelings.

The Waxing Gibbous (135°-180°) is a person who is struggling with himself and is in a state of race. This person, who is quite resourceful and creative, wants to be recognized. In a general sense, it has a purpose related to life. The person is also happy to help other people. He wants to be useful to society.

The time of the Full Moon (180°-225°) is a time frame in which we are objective. It is when our actions are visible that It is a process in which we gain awareness and make an assessment. A person born at this stage also does not hesitate to fight for their existence, even if they have a relationship with others and behave fairly. It is important for a person to work together with others and get approval from others. Bilateral relations occupy an important place in a person’s life.

A person born in the Waning Gibbous (225°-270°) stage has difficulty trusting others. It is very important to share the experience gained with the person. He may have an interest in mystical and spiritual issues. A person may have a certain philosophy and want to spread his ideology.

A person born in the phase of the Last Quarter (270°–315°) is an ambitious, strict, system-building person with struggles and crises in his life. This person, who cares about his status and career, wants to be respected by society and does not like to be criticized. He is in competition with others for social success.

The person born in the Waning Crescent (315°–360°) stage has dreams, idealism, and a certain purpose. In addition to being quite altruistic, a person may have victim psychology. He can call himself someone else so much that he even gets to the stage of self-abandonment. In one’s life, the father and other male figures are at the forefront. He needs to learn to leave the past behind sometimes and make room for a new one.



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