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TOPIC : Early Warning and Early Action. Hydrometeorological and Climate Information for Disaster Risk Reduction
PURPOSE : Turkish State Meteorological Service is organizing a photography contest themed “Early Warning and Early Action,
Hydrometeorology and Climate Information for Disaster Risk Reduction” on the occasion of “March 23, World Meteorology
Day” with the aim of adopting the importance of the theme and increasing the knowledge about the subject as well as
conveying the awareness of meteorology to the citizens by exhibiting the works in all exhibitions and fairs to which the Turkish
State Meteorological Service will participate.

  1. The contest is open to all professional and amateur participants except the contest Selection Committee. Each participant can submit up to 3
  2. The size of the photograph will be: The long side must not exceed 40 cm, the short side must not be less than 18 cm, and also must be
    printed with 300 dpi resolution and posted to the Turkish State Meteorological Service. Photographs must be in color. Photographs that are
    not cover the aforementioned measures and black&white ones will not be taken into consideration.
  3. If the work is selected, the owner of the work must save the photograph as JPEG versions on CD and send it via post.
  4. The works have to be original. Works that have been doctored with any design program will not be evaluated.
  5. The participant can participate with works that have not been awarded or exhibited in any competition before, the whole or part of the
    photograph has not been copied and has not published in any publication.
  6. The name and signature of the participant will not add on the photo. However, the name, surname, full address, and telephone number of the
    participant can be written on the back of each photo.
  7. The photograph must be sent in hardened packaging, without a mat and frame. The Turkish State Meteorological Service will not be
    responsible for any damages and delays that may arise during shipping by post or cargo. Moreover, the posting or cargo fees will be paid by
    the competitors.
    ASSESSMENT: The photographs must be sent to the Support Services Department of the Turkish State Meteorological Service until March 04,
  8. Works submitted after this date will not be taking into consideration. The assessment will be made by the Selection Committee and the
    first, second and third degree works. The Selection Committee consists of staff from the Turkish State Meteorological Service.
    THE FIRST, SECOND, AND THIRD DEGREE PRICES: The Prize-Giving Ceremony will be held on March 23, 2022, at a place decided by
    the Turkish State Meteorological Service. The transportation of the award winners will be covered by the relevant Regional Directorates, and oneday accommodation will be covered by the relevant Regional Directorate where the ceremony will be held.
    First Degree Price : Plaque award and 5000 Turkish Liras
    Second Degree Price : Plaque award and 4000 Turkish Liras
    Third Degree Price : Plaque award and 3000 Turkish Liras
    Photograph owners that are not selected, can be rewarded with an honorable mention plaque award for the incentive.
    COPYRIGHTS: Photographs awarded in the contest and selected for exhibition purposes will not be returned; prints and copies will be treated
    as if they were purchased by the Turkish State Meteorological Service with all copyrights. The participant is deemed to accept, declare and
    undertake that the photographs he/she submit to the contest belong to him/her and that she/he has obtained all permissions. If it is understood that
    the participants whose work is awarded or deemed worthy of the display are acting out of these declarations and acceptances, the awards, titles,
    and all kinds of gains obtained through this contest will be taken back. The Turkish State Meteorological Service will have all copyrights arising
    from the Law Intellectual and Artistic Works No. 5846, including the name of the photo owner as well as the right to use and exhibit the original
    and modified versions of the photographs that are considered worthy of an award in all kinds of promotional materials such as posters, brochures,
    billboards, etc., in seminars, symposiums, fairs, training, and promotional activities, and to publish them in the written and visual media.
    RESTORE THE PHOTOGRAPH TO ITS OWNER: Upon request, photographs that are not won awards in the competition and were not
    selected for exhibition purposes can be taken back from the Turkish State Meteorological Service within 15 days as of 11.04.2022, by his/herself
    or by post or cargo. The fee of post and cargo will be paid by the competitor. No liability will be accepted for works not taken between these
    ADDRESS: Turkish State Meteorological Service, Support Services Department
    Kalaba Mahallesi Kütükçü Alibey Caddesi No:4 06120 Keçiören/ANKARA
    TEL: +90 (312) 302 21 62 FAKS: +90 (312) 361 23 53
    The Terms and Conditions can be obtained from Support Services Department and Regional Directorates. All participants are deemed to have
    accepted the provisions of this specification.

By Hasan Akbal

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