We have slowly started to feel the footsteps of the Full Moon, which will take place at 27 ┬░ Leo, and we can say hello to some fateful acquaintances or beginnings on this Full Moon, which will create new awareness for many of us. Internally, we see that the Virgo sign is rising on this Full Moon, which we will do accounting and evaluation on. We see that Mercury, on the other hand, settles in the house of hobbies, love, creativity and children. We may have motivations especially in these areas. Of course, we should not forget that leaders, managers, politicians, celebrities will also come up with this Full Moon. We see that the North Lunar Node has been reunited with the fixed star Algol. Let’s take care of our health, stay calm in the face of events and use our energy beautifull8y. It is possible to talk about the struggle related to love, passion or financial issues on this Full Moon, where Venus and Mars meet. We hope that your soul will achieve beautiful realizations with many completions and realizations, we wish that the Full Moon will pass beautifully, and we want to briefly touch on the zodiac signs. Aries: your love life, your children and your hobbies will become important. Some may decide to start a new love, while others may decide to end their relationship. You may want to turn to areas that you enjoy.

Taurus: your family, your home, your nest and your family elders will be brought up. You can renovate your home or have a moving situation. It is about gaining new awareness in the family.

Gemini: your siblings, cousins, close friends, education and short-term trips may be on your agenda. It is possible to talk about your contacts with your close circle.

Cancer: during this period, when your material and spiritual values will come to the fore, you can focus on your abilities and earnings.

Leo: you can make new beginnings, business, career, health issues can be on your agenda. There may be a period of time when you will confidently put yourself forward.

Virgo: during this period, your psychological issues or fears may come to light a little more. It will be more useful for you to retreat a little more, take care of spiritual matters and keep your inner peace.

Libra: your circle of friends and social circle may be on your agenda. There may be a period when some events in your hopes, dreams or goals for the future begin to become clear.

Scorpio: your work and career life, your status in society are very important during this period. Your responsibilities are at the forefront and you can show yourself in your business life.

Sagittarius: higher education and foreign affairs may be on your agenda. Important realizations can occur with your experiences, beliefs, and perspective on the world.

Capricorn: issues such as inheritance, alimony, credit, insurance may be on your agenda. You can get the money you are entitled to in financial matters.

Aquarius: marriage, partnership and partnership may be on your agenda. Some people have a divorce, while others have a decision to get married.

Pisces: you should take care not to neglect yourself while working on this Full Moon, where your business life and health are concerned.


By Septemberastro

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