On a day when our joy, confidence, and energy will be in place with the Moon in Leo, we see the meeting of Venus and Mars in Capricorn. We wish that all lovers from a long distance would also have such a nice meeting. While this meeting of Venus and Mars with Uranus’s support means that we can take important steps in both business and love matters, Mercury in Capricorn, which has reached its final degree, can make our thoughts run a little more crisis. The best step to take is to transform our thoughts and change our perspective on relationships. Venus and Mars heading towards Vesta can work on devotion and loyalty in relationships. We are already saying good luck to those who are going to start a new relationship. It is worth considering the opportunities that will arise with the harmonious angle of Uranus and Jupiter. We wish that your actions are based on love and that you cherish love in your soul. Happy Valentine’s Day!


By Septemberastro

Astrologer. ⭐ Birth chart✨ instagram:Septemberastro

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