Stay Àbíkú and enjoy the juicy breast
never flutter O scar child
if you go, you shall be beaten with broom
without coffin you shall be buried in
wilderness, where Scavengers shall eat your carcass

Stay with mother and wipe her sorrowful years
never kicked the bucket, and return back to
dead land, where phylum your food.
rest on her lap and listen to lullaby
sing from cot melodious songs

Àbíkú never join the ancestors kindred spirit
Coming and going several seasons
Like a traveller passing through the
rail of mother womb without a stay

Àbíkú choose Earth as your fond, not Heaven
Eat ẹ̀fọ́, ewédú, and ẹran,
Bask by the radiant Sun in your home
and enjoy totem tales at moonlight

Àbíkú remember our legendary gods
And live for you to have your name in archive.

AbdulAhmeed Adesigbin


By poetryinjection

I'm a Poet, Writer and a Social critic

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